Does Owning a Dog Increase My Florida Home Insurance?


A dog is definitely a part of your family. You would do anything in the world for your furry friend. As a pet owner, you do take on quite a bit of risk. For example, dog bites. If your dog were to get loose and bite someone, you could be held responsible and sued. Luckily, your Florida home insurance can cover you for instances such as this one.

If you have a dog, review your policy. Do you see a section labeled as liability? This is where your dog fits into your policy. Liability coverage will cover you if you are found responsible for some type of damage. Every dog has the capability to bite, no matter how big or small, every dog has a breaking point. In fact, dog bites on average make up around 1/3 of homeowner liability claims. Many insurance companies have a few regulations when it comes to you and your furry friend.

My Insurance Company and My Dog?

Your dog does matter to your insurance company. That’s because your company can be held financially responsible for the actions of your dog through liability coverage. In fact, some companies have certain conditions concerning pet ownership, mostly the breed.

When it comes to Florida home insurance premiums, the breed of your dog may increase them. On some occasions, an insurance company may deem your dog as uninsurable. This will vary by homeowners companies. Below is a list of dog breeds that are considered to be dangerous or high risk.

  • Pitbulls
  • Dobermans
  • Rottweilers
  • Boxers
  • Chow
  • Huskies
  • Any Wolf Hybrids
  • German Shepherds
  • Great Danes

Does the Size of My Dog Matter?

The dogs that are listed above are larger, usually around 40-50 pounds. Most companies will not ask you the weight of your dog. It will be inferred by the breed that you specify. If you are a dog owner and are looking for Florida home insurance, your best bet is, to be honest.

Usually, you will be asked by an agent if you have a dog. Other times that question is on the form you fill out. Never lie, while it may seem harmless, you will risk losing coverage. Even worse, if you find yourself in a situation with your dog, you are paying those costs directly out of pocket.

Therefore, if you own a dog and are currently shopping for Florida home insurance, use this helpful guide above. You will be glad you did. Especially when it comes to liability claims.